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Dear Daddy

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Dear Daddy,

The Lover of my soul. The King of my heart. My Essence.

I can't believe it's taken me so long to send this message to you on this blog!!

Oh my!! Look at that... The last time I wrote to You was here, on the last day of March 2017! Who would have thought? I had hoped I was making a comeback then, alas it wasn't to be.

My Darling Lord, I do hope that this is the beginning of the comeback I've been waiting to happen. (!!!)

In the 3 years since I last wrote to You Abba, a LOT has happened!! (Hahaha)... Good stuff!

- I got married (Yayyyyyyy!!!)

- I got married to Your fantastic son!! (Yippeee Yayyyyy!)

Life has changed and I guess it will inform my writing on this blog - However, I am excited because this blog is now complete - 1 + The One (Where 1 stands for hubby and I being 1 and 'The One' stands for the Ultimate One, Numero Uno - YOU!!)

I am excited about what is to come..

Daddy, I know I don't need to inform You but there's currently a worldwide pandemic. I know nothing happens without Your knowledge so I am sure that You are aware of all that's going on.

It doesn't stop the fact that so many people have been hurt this season, there have been losses, anxieties and worries by Your children around the world.

Thank You Daddy because before any pandemic, John 14:4 existed -

"Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me'

Thank You for sending Your word to comfort and strengthen our hearts. Thank You for You have been a Provider, an Anchor and a Pillar of support at this time. Thank You for being my Shield, my Buckler, my Helper always. I am forever grateful to You for this privilege.

I will have to stop for now (even though I have sooo much to say).

I will end by saying this, Thank You for loving me... Even when I felt unworthy. Thank YOU.

I love You forever and ever. You remain my no 1 always and I remain Yours forever.

Your girl,



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