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Waiting and Loving It! - Feat Titi and Leke Adeboye

Wow! We got here in the end!

Featuring this beautiful couple is a story/testimony and a half! Lol... They were one of the first people I spoke to about featuring on the series about a year ago and they graciously accepted to do it... but talk about BUSY schedules! My word!

We FINALLY managed to do an interview (In-between a very busy event, but they were so kind and indulging enough to spare their time).. Then guess what?! My newly gotten phone which I used to record the interview was stolen almost immediately afterwards! I remember that apart from the loss of the phone itself, the next thought was "Oh no! The interview!! All gone!!" *sob sob*

We re-scheduled again and the next slot was months after and we had to do some James-Bond-esque style to ensure that it would go live today *phew* lol.. All in all, thank God!

And it was so worth it! I love the fact that they are such a fun, down-to-earth couple and you can just feel the love, deep friendship and mutual respect and loyalty that exists between them.

To be honest guys, it takes a lot to get couples to come and bare themselves here weekly but I am humbled by the acceptance of every single couple who has been featured on this series, despite their reservations or busy schedules - To every single Waiting and Loving It Alumni, I salute you and I say a BIG thank you.. I know that God will certainly bless you as you willingly share your stories to inspire someone else! (Please guys, if you've enjoyed reading the series, take a moment to say thank you to all our featured couples in the comment section - trust me, it's not always easy :-) xx

Right, I don't like chatting a lot on Tuesdays but you will have to forgive me today for the long intro lol..

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing, the beautiful Mr and Mrs Titilope and Leke Adeboye... Be blessed!

Hello Mr and Mrs Adeboye, it has taken 7 mountains and 7 hills but thank God we are here now lol.. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this! It’s a delight to be able to hear your story and more importantly, share to bless people.

Could we please start off with a brief introduction?

Leke (Introducing his wifey): Introduction of Mrs Titilope Rachel Adeboye.. How do I introduce this fine hottt lady.

She is the first born of her family of 4. Raised by amazing parents! That’s one of the things that personally pulled me to feeling the girl - her wonderful character. Like, I got to know her and if your parents can trust you enough in this day and age to give you all your school fees at once and the card to their accounts for you to withdraw money as the need arises, at will – then that says a lot about you.. That says a LOT about you.. Forget that she’s my wife, for any random girl – that is still amazing! Lol

What else, she runs me! She’s my Manager, I call her my CEO.. She’s my Account Manager, she runs my entity as a personality and then she runs a number of businesses - Oasis Suya Eatery and Sharwama and she’s also the owner of Mimi’s Confectionery.

My wife is multi-skilled and multi-talented and takes every advantage to improve herself. Whatever she sets her mind on, she would do it! And she CAN do it! I'm proud of that and I basically support, support support!. She studied Mass Communication in University and got a First Class from behind a 2:1 (laughter).. I take responsibility for that, that was actually my fault! She had actually made up her mind not to go into any relationship with anyone until she finished University.... But me, I saw a good thing and jumped in mehn! So I guess I caused a bit of a distraction (I’m sorry baby!). She followed it up with a Masters in International Business at Loughborough University. She’s a mother of one (well actually 2, our baby and I, lol)..She’s amazing and has done a fantastic job of it!

And yeah, she’s HOT as in HoTTTTTT!

Titi: My name is Titilope Adeboye. I am a child of the most High God. A wife and mum. I would describe myself as a very simple person really. I love to read, bake, travel and have fun with my family. Whether it be watching movies with my husband or singing *Twinkle Twinkle little star* with my daughter haha. I love doing it all. I am the CEO of Mimi’s Confectionery and I also manage my husband’s eateries. How would I describe my husband?! Oluwagbemileke temi nikan is just a sweetheart, an incurable romantic haha.. Ma Papi. He is so fun and charming and never believes anything is impossible. He is my adviser, motivator and so much more. I just love this man and thank God for him everyday.

(How does one respond to that? Lol.. Ok, going straight to next question, how did you meet?

(From this point, Titi answers as hubby has to attend to something urgently) Titi: Well, it was in my third year in Uni. His mum always made sure I had a meal from their home on Sundays, and whenever she was around, she would ask about school and all – she is sweet like that. I wasn’t the only one she did that to though.. My parents were not in Nigeria at that time and Mummy (as I refer to her) was just trying to make sure I was Ok.

So this particular Sunday, I went to dinner in his house, I was in a hurry because I had a test the next day. I came in through the gate and noticed that he was standing there talking to a couple of people and everyone was laughing, I just greeted everyone. That was the first time I saw him, I didn't know him then at all.

When I was leaving the house, I heard someone running after me and I saw that it was him. He stopped me and said "Hi, I was just told you are Pastor Odesola’s daughter. I didn’t know Pastor Odesola had a grown-up daughter. He used to be my mentor".. and he just kept on talking about my dad! Then he said "I am really pleased to meet you. Can I have your number so I can check up on you" – I gave him my number and left. That was how we met really. He was just like a big brother.

From Hi to 'I Do'...

Titi: Honestly, I did not think that we would end up married or anything! I just found him so funny, no dull moment at all – he just lights up the room. But I didn’t see him like that.. {Ayo you know what I mean now (lol)}.

He was like my brother I loved him that way. Infact when he asked me to marry him, I didn’t see that coming. I was just shocked and I said NO.

First, I had plans – I wanted to do this and that before I even considered anyone, then 'Leke'?, really?! Pastor Adeboye’s son!! All eyes on me; NO, NO!. I love my simple life, thank you very much. I didn’t even want to pray about it, just in case God said 'Yes'.. Lol.. Can you imagine that? Hahaha Poor man, eni eleni. He asked me to at least pray about it. I later decided to pray about it, fasted.. Sought counsel from my mum and dad. It took a bit of work to change my mindset. Then one day, he said to me. "Your life doesn’t end when you become my wife, it just continues with me in it. You can still do everything you want, and as long as we are doing the right things, acceptable to God, I don’t care what anyone thinks or says".

It was as if I had never heard that before. I saw a man that loved and cared and would stand up for his wife anyday. I thought it was absolutely sweet. Honestly, today I can definitely say - Leke is my perfect man – He gets me, knows me big time!

The decision to wait to have sex after marriage:

Titi: We thought to ourselves, "What’s the rush for anyway?" We used to remind each other that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Also, we were determined as well. We had gone on many dates but in places where other people were, in order to minimise temptations.

Interesting... So were you tempted?

Titi: Yes of course! This man that I really loved, with his sweet charming self, eyes that are just beautiful. Sometimes I just thank GOD we were not alone hehehe (that’s all I’m saying!) hahaha

Honestly, practical measures – Don’t be alone for too long, speak on the phone, text, go on dates in public places, watch that movie in the cinema instead of his or your bedroom (you know what I mean.. lol). Don’t tempt the devil to tempt you.

Amen to that! So, what would you say to young people who say waiting before marriage is 'old-school' or unachievable in this day and age?

Well I would say that it’s a wrong perspective. We sometimes let emotions run wild. Ok, let me paint a picture – If a cute mad person, male or female, as in really crazy fellow with knives and all says – "Darling I love you, I want to have sex with you", will you run or stay? I bet you will be disgusted, embarrassed and run too. That’s how we should feel about sin. We need to be different as children of God, shine the light, in obedience to God.. What made Joseph in the bible stand out was because he was different - he refused to defile himself with his Master's wife (You can read about this in Gen 39:1-23). It's not just even in the area of sexual sin alone, but also in everything else. Having that spirit of excellence like Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys. For me, I'm thinking "If I do this, will Jesus commend my actions, thoughts or words?" (Philippians 4:8). Please, don't be pressured into doing what is wrong.

Sometimes, it’s not an easy price to pay. But I can tell you that the benefits are immeasurable.

And for anyone waiting for that perfect partner, Jesus is never too late... Please don't sell yourself short - It is better to enjoy a lifetime of bliss than just one wedding day and the rest is hell!

Being married has its ups and downs but God has been there for us through it all.... I can testify! :-)

Once again, a huge thanks to the Adeboyes!

When a relationship is based on the foundation of God and a solid friendship, it is easier to flourish in that relationship. You can discuss and agree on crucial aspects of your relationship. I like the part where she says, you must get to a point where sin or any form of disobedience to God disgusts you.. Where it is an absolute 'No No'.. It's not easy at all, as we all know, the forbidden fruit seems the sweetest. But it can become a lifestyle for you indeed. When you cultivate a close relationship with God, you begin to become more like Him.. You like what He likes and you hate what He hates...

That's my heart's cry today - More of You Lord.. So much more - so that my life becomes a reflection of You and not that of 'popular' opinion.. xx

Do you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask!


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